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Two of the most common types of garage door opener mounts you will see are overhead ceiling-mount garage door openers and wall-mount garage door openers. More homeowners with garage doors are installing wall-mount garage door openers in place of traditional ceiling-mount openers. Also known as side-mount or jackshaft garage door openers, these appliances are worth considering for your home garage. Let’s explore five of the many perks of installing a wall-mount garage door opener.

1. They Are Low Maintenance

Because wall-mount garage doors do not require lubrication, the work required to maintain them is lower than what is required from other garage door openers. Wall-mount garage doors also don’t include a belt or chain. The fact that they are lower in height than a ceiling-mount also contributes to their easy maintenance.

2. They Can Be Linked to Remote Control Openers

As more people transition to using smart home technology, wall-mount garage doors have the added benefit of being able to be connected to remote control garage door openers. Depending on the brand of your garage door opener system, you can also connect it to your smartphone. For that smartphone or remote control connection, a wall-mount garage door opener will save you time in closing your garage door behind you.

Wall-mount garage door openers can connect to remote controls.

3. They Are Quiet

Does your garage door opener make noise? Does the sound of your garage door ever feel like nails on a chalkboard? The good news is that if you install a wall-mount garage door opener, you will no longer experience that when entering and exiting your garage. These openers are more quiet than other types of garage door openers due to the reduced amount of ceiling vibrations. If you want a quiet start or end to your day, get a wall-mount garage door opener today.

4. They Create More Ceiling Space

A wall-mount garage door opener comes with the added benefit of providing more space for your garage ceiling. While that may not sound like much, the ceiling of your garage is actually a good place for storage. You can use your garage ceiling to store bikes, scooters, and swimming equipment like surfboards. You can even install overhead baskets or racks for additional storage space when your attic or basement gets cramped. Save money on renting a storage unit by using all that newly freed space, thanks to your wall-mount garage door opener.

5. They Do Not Clash With The Look Of Your Garage

If garage aesthetics are a priority for you, then a wall-mount garage door opener will be the least likely option to clash with the stylistic vision for your dream garage. The placement on a wall rather than the ceiling keeps it from obstructing any views in a significant way. If you want your garage to look nice and sleek, then getting a wall-mount garage door opener will interfere the least in your photos.

What About Installation?

Now that you have learned about the perks of getting a wall-mount garage door opener, you might have questions about how it gets installed. First, you will need to research the different brands of garage door openers and see if the wall-mounted ones come with any unique features. Do not forget to check out the reviews of these products; positive reviews will be the best indicators of reliability. If you are still unsure about which wall-mount garage door opener will work best for you and your home, we at Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress TX will be more than happy to talk you through it. Once you have chosen the specific wall-mount garage door opener you want, contact us so we can help you with the installation itself.

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