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Adding a new splash of color to your bedroom, living room, or any other room can be exciting. You can get creative during this process and transform your space into something truly special. But, one area of a home that severely gets overlooked when sprucing it up is the garage door. Although it plays a different role than a bedroom or living room, due to being exposed, garage doors also need a makeover from time to time. 

However, any old paint won’t be able to get the job done. A garage door undergoes so much wear and tear on a daily basis, which is why you must use the right type of paint to withstand any harsh weather conditions or the natural aging process. If you want to learn more about the best paint for garage doors, continue reading to find the perfect paint for your doors.

What Kind Of Paint Is Used For Garage Doors?

To ensure the paint on your garage doors lasts, you will need to opt for paint that can withstand any outside element. Only quality paint can provide this, whether it be semi-gloss, latex paint, or other paints with a high level of quality. These are exterior paints made specifically to endure any outdoor conditions.

Indoor paint, however, is the opposite of what you want for your garage doors. With this paint, your doors will fade and peel, needing a new paint job sooner rather than later. When deciding what paint to use for your garage doors, it all depends on the type of doors you have.

Do you have wooden or glass garage doors? Do you have vinyl or metal garage doors? For instance, the best paint for metal doors is oil-based paint since it sticks best to a metal surface. You can see more examples of the best paint for garage doors below.

Best Paint For Garage Doors

When you spend your hard-earned money on something, you want it to be of the highest caliber. Fortunately, we’ll show you some of the best exterior paints you can use on your garage door here.


Oil-based paint is one of the best options for any external surfaces. This is mainly due to the dangerous fumes that release when this paint becomes wet. Thankfully, this is not a problem when you’re outside, due to the constant airflow keeping everyone safe. As previously mentioned, oil-based paint sticks to metal surfaces the best, but it also works well on many other hard surfaces, including floors and doors.


A semi-gloss finish is what you need if you want to give your garage doors a sleek, glossy appearance. This paint is known for its durability and is easy to clean. This paint can also withstand harsh weather conditions and stains.


Latex paint is a great option if you’re operating on a budget. Even though it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t lack in quality. You will find this paint to be easy to apply as you touch up any flaws in your garage door. Additionally, latex paint is an eco-friendly option that will support any sustainable efforts. Just be sure to choose the exterior latex paint when purchasing.


Another excellent paint choice for a garage door is satin, especially if your doors are wooden. If you don’t want your doors to look too glossy or too dull, this is a great choice that will provide you with just what you need. Much like any of the paints mentioned above, this paint is moisture-resistant and makes the cleaning process quick and easy.

Best Paint For Garage Doors

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In conclusion, the options above are some of the best paint for garage doors and will give your doors the new look it needs. Once your doors are finally done, give our team a call whenever you need any maintenance or repair services. Our experts are more than ready to keep your doors in the best condition possible. So don’t wait up or you could be missing out.

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