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I was very happy with the way this company addressed my needs. I was having problems with my garage door. It was already late, so I thought no one would probably be available to come see me at that time. However, I was really worried that my garage might not be secure enough. I tried calling several garage repair services near my area, but just as I thought, they were no longer providing services that late. I didn’t give up, though, and I was glad that I did not. I found this company, and despite feeling positive that they would turn me down as well, I was really pleasantly surprised that they were willing to come over and check out my door even at that time!

Robert Jeter

Fast and efficient. That’s what stood out to me with the service that I received from this company. I was on my way to work when my garage door got jammed. Naturally, I couldn’t leave it unlocked lest intruders get in or some of my things get stolen. Well, I explained the situation to the repair guys who came, and I asked them if they could please hurry. They assured me that they understood and got to work right away. Needless to say, they got the repairs completed faster than I expected. I ended up being only a few minutes late to work. My boss assured me that it was fine and that she understood, but it could have been a different story if the garage repair had taken ages to finish.

Erica Cha

The one thing I liked best about this company was that they had awesome customer service! I called them up to ask them to check out my garage door, and they did. They were extremely nice and patient with me. I knew I wasn’t in my best mood. I was very flustered at the time because I was on my way to an important metering when my garage door started acting up. The repair staff sent by the company never failed to be nice, though. They kept assuring me that everything was going to be aright and that they understood how I was feeling. It really helped make a stressful incident less stressful!

Dawn Thomas

 I am the suspicious type, that’s why I normally don’t have strangers over at my home. Whenever I needed someone to repair my garage door, I would usually ask friends or my brother to do it. However, no one was available when my garage door bogged down again, so I tried to call around for companies that would provide garage door repair services. Well, I’m glad I got in touch with this repair company. They looked very professional when they came over, not only in the way they were dressed but also in their demeanor. They also immediately showed me their IDs and credentials, which put me at ease. I told them about my apprehension in having strangest over, and they assured me all the way that they were legit and that my garage door was in good hands.

Thomas Davis

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