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Which is better: being informed or learning first-hand? Learning first-hand means suffering from the consequences; learning from your mistake means remembering it forever. Being informed might cause doubt at first, but it provides you with the necessary knowledge so you don’t suffer the consequences.

Either option pertains to everything from touching the oven at a young age to knowing garage door safety tips. A garage door can be pretty dangerous, which is why you need to learn some garage door safety tips, which we will be discussing in this blog. Continue reading to get informed or you could suffer the consequences.

Garage Door Safety Tips

It would be great if we were told certain things before having to go through a traumatic event to know what not to do. Whether you’re an inexperienced stand-up comedian bombing a routine or a homeowner with their fingers caught in the garage door, it’s best to know how to not get into this situation. Check out the following tips to ensure you and your family are protected.

Protect Your Fingers

Never stick your fingers between any doors, including garage doors and car doors. In fact, avoid getting any body parts close to the moving garage door or it will cause serious injury. You should tell your children to stay away from the garage door. You can also install a garage door with a pinch-proof panel design to keep you and any children safe when the door is in motion.

Test Auto-Reverse

The auto-reverse feature on garage doors is such an essential function, keeping any object or person protected when the door is in operation. However, it’s best to test this feature to ensure it is working properly. You don’t want to assume it’ll work because it will lower your guard, making the situation worse when you desperately need it to work.

Get a small, solid object and place it in front of your garage. Close the door to see if it will automatically reverse while in operation. That way, you will know if your auto-reverse feature is working.

Change Code Often

There are many benefits to having a keypad to secure your garage door. However, it’s probably best to change the code periodically. A rolling code that changes the access code after every use is ideal, preventing thieves from hacking into your garage. Although this isn’t likely, there is always a possibility of this scenario occurring and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Block Your Door

A garage door is the heaviest appliance in your home, so it can be pretty dangerous when things go haywire. Even if every garage is mandated to include motion sensors, it is still best to remove any object surrounding the door and never block it. This includes any storage containers, tools, and especially curious children.

Regular Inspection/Maintenance

The last garage door safety tip we would like to share with you is to get your door routinely checked and serviced by experts. If you don’t regularly maintain your garage door, the components will rust and the door will malfunction. Nobody wants to deal with a broken garage door since it could cause severe harm or property damage. With Overhead Garage Door Repair, you can get the assistance you require.

Garage Door Safety Tips

Call Overhead Garage Door Repair Today

You no longer have to worry about sustaining any damages or injuries with the five garage door safety tips above. With any of these, you will prevent the worse from ever occurring, especially with the regular maintenance we mentioned. Overhead Garage Door Repair has the experts to ensure your door remains in optimum condition for years to come. So contact us today to experience the benefits of a routine maintenance service.

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