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If your garage is an orchestra, then each part is an instrument, and one of those instruments includes your garage door tracks. Garage door tracks help keep your garage doors and rollers in place during operation. However, dirty garage door tracks can easily get in the way of their ability to work successfully. For this reason, you will learn how to clean garage door tracks to keep your garage door moving.

How To Clean Garage Door Tracks: Not With Lubrication

When thinking about how to clean garage door tracks, you might assume that they just need lubrication. After all, so many garage door parts require lubrication to return to working condition. In reality, you should not apply lubrication to your garage door tracks at all. Lubricating your garage door tracks can lead to them collecting even more dust and debris, which only makes them dirtier.

How To Clean Garage Door Tracks In 6 Steps

Now that you know not to use any lubrication on your garage door tracks, you are ready to learn how to clean garage door tracks in just seven steps. Ensure that you are following these instructions faithfully for the best results.

1. Gather Your Supplies

You won’t be able to successfully clean your garage door tracks if you don’t have the right supplies. For this task, you will need rubber gloves to keep your hands clean, a damp cloth, a toothbrush, and a vacuum cleaner. If you are concerned about cleaning out stubborn spots, have some brake cleaner on standby. However, it should only be used in specific situations that will be addressed later.

2. Power Off Your Garage Door

After getting your supplies together, you’ll need to ensure your garage door can be cleaned safely without risking injury to yourself or others. Make sure that all cars are outside of the garage before closing it. Once it’s closed, power off or disconnect the garage door to ensure it doesn’t open in the middle of cleaning the tracks.

how to clean garage door tracks

3. Clean Tracks With A Damp Cloth

The first official step in learning how to clean garage door tracks is to start using a damp cloth. The damp cloth will help you clean out all large and visible pieces of dust, dirt, and debris. Any and all pieces of debris need to be removed from the tracks. Neglecting any piece of debris could lead to later problems with your garage door.

4. Use A Vacuum For Hard To Reach Spots

If you’re having a hard time reaching debris in certain parts of the tracks, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them out or a toothbrush to break them down into smaller, more moveable parts. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, your garage door tracks will be more thoroughly cleaned. If you are concerned about parts that seem to stay dirty, there’s also a solution to that problem.

5. Use Brake Cleaner For Hard To Clean Spots

Are there spots on your garage door tracks that seem to be stuck? If that’s the case, you can try applying brake cleaner to see if that makes a difference. You should only follow this step if there are spots or pieces of debris that you’re struggling to remove.

6. Check The Alignment Of Your Garage Door Tracks

The last step in how to clean garage door tracks is to check their alignment. Taking the time to ensure that your garage door tracks are aligned correctly will absolutely guarantee that they will return to working condition. Once you have checked their alignment, you will have successfully completed every step in how to clean garage door tracks.

We Will Keep Your Garage Door Tracks In Shape!

We hope you feel more confident with how to clean garage door tracks next time you need to perform routine maintenance. But what if you are having other issues with your garage door tracks that you aren’t sure you can resolve on your own? Luckily, you can contact us at Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress Texas to solve any of your garage door problems!

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