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Commercial properties are just as dependent on garage doors for security as residential homes. Employees and people using those commercial services would have nowhere convenient to park without them. Garage doors can also protect important items and equipment that are either used by employees or delivered to customers. That’s why it’s important to have a secure, high-quality commercial garage door. Continue reading this blog to learn about the different types of commercial garage doors.

5 Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

Not all commercial properties have the same security needs, so the type of garage door they use will ultimately depend on what makes the most sense for them. Here are just five of the most common types of commercial garage doors you will find:

1. Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are one of the most widely used types of commercial garage doors. This garage door consists of a steel sheet that is rolled into a coil when it opens. This option is popular due to the durable properties of steel. It should also be noted that these garage doors are found and used the most in storage units, allowing for plenty of overhead space.

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2. Aluminum Glass Garage Doors

If you run a commercial business with a modern industrial style, an aluminum glass garage door is what you need. You can use this type of commercial garage door for an auto shop, restaurant, or even a store. Better yet, you can also get additional shutters to keep people from looking inside outside of hours too.

3. Ribbed Steel Garage Doors

Most types of commercial garage doors are made of some kind of steel. Ribbed steel is just one of the varieties of commercial garage doors worth considering. This garage door is used for commercial properties that receive high volumes of traffic. Additionally, these doors can also be insulated if you’re concerned about temperature control.

4. Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Does your business involve handling flammable materials? Is your place of work somewhere that tends to experience fires? If either situation is the case, consider fire-rated garage doors for your commercial properties. These doors are constructed from materials that can resist the effects of smoke and flame and keep any fire started in said garage from spreading, or at least slow it down. In fact, some of these fire-rated garage doors include alarms that cause the door to automatically close upon detecting smoke and or fire.

5. Wind-Loaded Garage Doors

One of the best types of commercial garage doors to have if you live in an area that’s subjected to extreme weather conditions is wind-loaded garage doors. If your place of business is in an area that’s especially vulnerable during hurricane season, this is the perfect garage door for your commercial property. Thanks to this door, the contents of the garage will be safe from the impact of high wind levels and other effects of severe storms.

Take Advantage Of Our Commercial Garage Door Services In Cypress!

These are just five of the many types of commercial garage doors used by all kinds of businesses. From retail to manufacturing, it’s important to know about the different types of commercial garage doors so you can pick the right one for your property. However, it is not enough to have the right door, as you must maintain and ensure it remains in good shape.

In fact, most commercial garage doors require the same maintenance tasks as residential garage doors. Because it is important to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly, you want to entrust a professional garage door technician to handle any repairs and replacements. Luckily, if you happen to live in Cypress, Texas, you should take advantage of the services provided by our highly skilled garage door technicians. Contact us, and our team will keep your commercial garage door in shape.

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