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The style of your garage door may seem like a trivial matter, but it can actually make a huge difference to your home’s curb appeal and property value, especially if you live in Cypress, Texas. Just as homes come in many different styles, so do garage doors. In fact, the available styles for garage doors are endless. For the purposes of this blog, you’ll get a close look at some of the most popular garage door styles and learn some tips to select the best garage door style for your home. 

A Guide To Garage Door Style Selection In Cypress, TX

With this guide to garage door style selection, you’ll be able to determine which style is best for your garage door. When choosing a style, pick something that complements your house. Here are just some of the most popular garage door styles to consider. 

Raised Panel Garage Doors

The raised panel garage door is the first candidate to consider for your garage door style selection. The appearance of elevated panels is the reason behind its namesake. As a result, this style of garage door is considered classic and traditional. These doors are made of anything from wood to fiberglass, come in solid colors, are often insulated, and can even be customized to include window inserts. There’s also another variation of this style with recessed panels, where the panels are sunken instead of elevated. The recessed panel version gives this classic style a modern twist. 

garage door style selection raised panel

Modern Flush Panel Garage Doors

Speaking of modern, the next option for your garage door style selection happens to be modern flush panel garage doors. Flush panel doors have a sleek appearance with only somewhat raised panels and are considered complementary to arched garage door openings. Additionally, these doors can be made of steel, wood, or other materials. Depending on the door’s appearance, it can be versatile enough to complement modern and traditional homes. 

garage door style selection flush panel

Contemporary Slab Garage Doors 

Also known as glass panel garage doors, contemporary slab doors are the ultimate choice for a very modern exterior home design. Straight, defined lines and steel or aluminum frames encasing tempered glass are the defining qualities of this popular choice for a contemporary home. If you want a sleek, modern garage door for your home, this style is for you. 

Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Are you interested in giving your home a traditional garage door that doesn’t feel dated? If that’s the case, carriage-house-style garage doors are for you. This choice for garage door style is reminiscent of the carriage house doors where horses were kept before automobiles became the primary means of transportation. Most of these doors swing outward manually. However, they can also be connected to an automatic garage door opener. This might be the garage door style for you if you have a contemporary home with a rustic flair or a traditional home with a countryside feel. 

Other Traditional Garage Door Styles

There is a wide range of traditional styles to choose from when it comes to garage door style selection. Some of these traditional styles can even work well with contemporary or modern homes. You might be interested in a Mediterranean-style garage door for an exotic-looking home. A ranch, farmhouse, or craftsman-style garage door is a worthy candidate if your style is evocative of rural living. A colonial or Tudor-style garage door should be considered if you want something stately. Whichever style you pick is bound to be impressive. 

Get Help With Your Garage Door Style Selection In Cypress, TX!

When it comes to garage door style selection, there are plenty of options available. The key, however, is knowing which style will best complement the rest of your home’s design. Deciding what best complements your home can be difficult, so consulting a garage door expert can be incredibly helpful. If you live in Cypress, Texas, you have access to the best garage door service in your area to help you select and install your new garage door. Contact us today at Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress and get started. 

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