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If you’ve ever been tempted to do DIY overhead garage door repairs, it’s probably because of the assumption that it’ll save money. However, this approach actually poses a lot of risks, the result of which can lead to more expensive repairs. Investing in cost-saving overhead door maintenance is the best way to save money on repairs. Check out four of the simplest overhead door maintenance routines that will save you money on repairs. 

4 Cost-Saving Overhead Door Maintenance Routines 

With the help of these overhead door maintenance routines, you’ll reduce the likelihood of a costly future overhead garage door repair. Here are just four of them. 

1. Lubrication

The most DIY-friendly overhead door maintenance task involves lubricating key components of your garage door. These key components include your garage door’s rollers, hinges, springs, plates, and overhead rails. For best results, experts recommend using a silicone-spray garage door lubricant, as it is less likely to trap extra debris, which can lead to problems with your garage door’s operation. Don’t forget to clear, wash, and dry those parts before applying the lubricant. 

overhead door maintenance lubrication

2. Tightening Hardware For Balance

By performing your own inspection, another overhead door maintenance task you can easily check off the list is ensuring all your garage door hardware is tight for the sake of your door’s balance. You can do this by testing the tension of your garage door springs and cables. First, you’ll close the garage door. Then pull the release handle to manually position the overhead door in a halfway position. If the door starts moving on its own or is unable to move easily without help, call a professional to check out the state of your hardware. By staying on top of your garage door’s balance, you’ll be able to address small problems before they become insurmountable.

3. Cleaning Tracks

You can kill two metaphorical birds with one stone when lubricating the rollers by cleaning out the tracks. Leaving dust and debris to accumulate on the tracks will result in issues with your overhead door, like slow movement or noise. To complete this cost-saving overhead door maintenance routine, you’ll need a dry cloth, a brush or dustpan broom, mild soap, and warm water. First, you’ll brush away any and all dust and debris, then use mild soap and water to clean up the tracks. After cleaning the tracks, don’t forget to ensure that they’re nice and dry. 

4. Weatherstripping Maintenance 

You don’t want to overlook the weatherstripping when it comes to overhead door maintenance. This term refers to the protective seals and barriers that keep your garage door safe from the impact of various weather conditions, namely extreme temperatures and flooding. If the weatherstripping is worn out or visibly damaged, you probably need to replace it. Otherwise, ensure the weatherstripping is securely in place and clear away any dust and debris. Keeping your overhead door weather-ready will also reduce the likelihood of your garage door needing repairs due to weather damage. 

Our Technicians Will Repair Your Overhead Garage Door Whenever You Need It!

We hope these cost-saving overhead door maintenance routines will make a difference in your garage door repair budget. If you want to find other ways to save money on repairs by finding more overhead door maintenance practices, check with a professional as to which ones you can do yourself and which ones should be left in their hands. When your garage door is in a state that requires professional attention, you need the best service possible to take a look. That’s why you should contact us at Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress the next time your garage door needs professional repairs. 


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