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Overhead garage doors are commonly found on both residential and commercial properties. Overhead doors are characterized by their simplicity and how they rest beneath the ceiling when opened. Where keeping these doors in shape is concerned, there are countless ways to approach overhead door preventative maintenance. However, for the purposes of this blog, you will get a look at just a few tips.

5 Overhead Door Preventative Maintenance Tips

Overhead door preventative maintenance is not specific to one kind of garage door or another. These tips are applicable to overhead doors in residential and commercial buildings. Here are five tips to help you get started:

1. Inspect Twice A Year

The simplest overhead door preventative maintenance measure you can take is to inspect the garage door every six months. You can perform the inspection yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. This inspection simply involves observing the movement of your garage door, examining the state of its hardware, and determining which parts need servicing. While there are some parts of the inspection you could complete yourself, others, like spring checks, are best left to professionals.

2. Safety Testing

Another overhead door preventative maintenance task consists of safety testing. Simply put, you test out the safety features of your garage door to see if they are meeting expectations. Specifically, you’ll want to test the auto-reversal feature. This test involves placing a solid object in the line of sight of the safety sensor’s photo-eyes. Then you’ll close the garage door and see if it stops and reverses. If it reverses course, it means the auto-reversal feature is working; otherwise, there’s a problem with the safety sensors. This problem could be as simple as cleaning the photo-eyes or as serious as a wiring issue.

3. Annual Tune-Up

As far as overhead door preventative maintenance is concerned, an annual garage door tune-up is a very thorough approach. A tune-up is basically performing complete maintenance on your garage door parts. Lubricating moving parts, clearing out the tracks, tightening hardware, and checking the door’s balance are just some of the most essential parts of this process.

4. Replace Rollers

Without rollers, your overhead door would lack the smooth operation it needs. Worn-out or rusted rollers can worsen the operation, alignment, and even balance of your overhead garage door. The moment you notice any rollers that are in poor condition, it’s essential that you replace them as soon as possible. This preventative maintenance tip will reduce the chances of any additional problems arising later.

overhead door preventative maintenance rollers

5. Clean The Door

The last overhead door preventative maintenance tip to practice is cleaning the door itself. This task is not as superficial as you might assume. By cleaning the door, you’ll prevent any debris and dirt buildup from getting into the panels, in addition to maintaining curb appeal. A thorough cleaning will keep your garage door in shape very easily. You will need a hose, towels, standard cleaning soap, old rags, or large sponges, and you’ll be set.

Keep Your Overhead Door In Shape With Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress!

These five overhead door preventative maintenance tips will help you keep your residential or commercial garage door in working condition. By committing to practicing these tips, you will get the most use out of your garage door for many years to come. Unfortunately, sometimes your garage door will experience problems despite consistent maintenance.

When these issues arise, you must seek professional help from an experienced garage door technician. If you live in Cypress, Texas, you already have access to the best garage door repair service near you: Overhead Garage Door Repair Cypress. Contact us today, and we will return your overhead door to working order.


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